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We are Carol and Mark - the folks working behind the scenes here at River Road Candleworks. Mark began this enterprise in 2011 as a way to expand the home-based business venture created during 2007.  We are located in Delaware,  just north of Wilmington.

Our goal is to provide you the consumer with a high quality product at a great price. Our business here is a growing concept. As we find our way through our start-up phase, we will try to bring changes to the business which will enhance your shopping experience and product satisfaction.

Currently, you can shop our products on the web, or at craft shows
(when the threats posed by COVID-19 are over)
You can order our products by phone or by e-mail.  and pay with PayPal.  If you live near us, we can deliver to you (with minimum order) and we can accept cash, check, or your credit cards when we deliver your products.

We would like to make your shopping experience here an interactive one. We enjoy hearing from our customers and we think that customer service in-person, via e-mail or phone order is better than merely letting you push buttons. 

We also look forward to serving you in-person at outdoor and indoor craft events.

Payment forms currently accepted: 

1) Money Order & PayPal - For Mail Order. When you order, we ask you to provide the information we need to ship to you and then we will send you a PayPal Invoice for your purchase and the cost of shipping, or you can send us a money order.
2) Credit Card - For pick-up orders, delivery orders, or at live events, we can process your credit card using Square (an I-Phone and Android Application which allows secure instant processing of your credit card).
Contact Information:  To place an order or to obtain additional information, you can click this link --> e-mail us <--

Our physical address is 116 River Road, Wilmington, DE  19809
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