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Our hand-poured natural soy wax candles come in two sizes - the four ounce (4 Oz) compact candle and our standard eight ounce candle (8 Oz).  Each candle comes with its own lid. All lids have an inner elastic-type seal to prevent your scent from slowly sneaking out while you aren't expecting it.


We try to keep it simple here at River Road Candleworks. We want to make a great product and keep prices as low as we can. That way, you will be sure to come back for more and maybe tell a few friends.

Current Pricing in effect as of March 1, 2019.

8 Oz candles - $8.00/each or two for $15.00 - See Scent List Below

SPECIAL 1)- Buy Six (6) of the 8 Oz. candles for $45.00 and get the seventh FREE
SPECIAL 2)- Buy Twelve (12) of the 8 Oz. candles for $90.00 and receive two (2) additional candles FREE

4 Oz
candles - $4.50 each - or two for $8.00 - Limited scents currently available:

We calculate your shipping costs upon receipt of your order and will advise you of your total including any necessary packaging.

NEW NEW NEW MELTS - We got 'em  1 pound - $15.00 
                                                                    1/2 lb - $8.00
                                                                    1/4 lb - $4.50
Limited  Scents so far... Smaller quantities available...

Wholesale!!!!! We do wholesale for small retailers and group orders. The more you buy, the more you save!

**NOTE on Pricing: At Certain events, a commission is charged by the event organizer(s) on sales of the exhibitors. Our pricing will be higher - reflecting this commission charge. We apologize for this pricing increase.


Unless otherwise specified, we use TruScent(TM) fragrances to scent our candles

When you see us at craft shows, the scent selections will vary according to the seasons. If you want us to bring you your favorite scent and aren't sure if it is in season,  just remember to drop an e-mail to Mark at markvturner (at) yahoo (dot) com I have most of the scents listed below in stock year-round, but it's too much to haul to all the craft shows

Apple Blossom - A delightful walk in the apple orchard during spring. Smells just like the real thing. (In Stock) SPRING/SUMMER

Apple Cider
 - A mug of apple goodness in each candle. With a hint of cinnamon. (In Stock

Bayberry Cinnamon - Fragrant Bayberry blended with grated cinnamon bark, and spiced with an underlying base of balsam fir and sandalwood. (In Stock) YEAR ROUND

Blackberry/Vanilla Ripe blackberries with base notes of vanilla and savory spice (In Stock) YEAR ROUND

Blueberry Muffin Fresh out of the oven. A great blueberry smell, with a rich bakery muffin batter scent. (In Stock) YEAR ROUND

Cedar Garland - Think rich Cedar and Cinnamon/spices in equal amounts. It will remind you of the scented cedar wreaths you can buy in some stores. A very rich scent - long-lasting  (In Stock) YEAR ROUND

Christmas Tree
- The fresh cut tree might right around the corner - just waiting to be decorated!. A rich evergreen scent with spicy undertones. A seasonal favorite. (In Stock) YEAR ROUND

Cinnamon Cider - A rich apple cider scent with additional cinnamon and space undertones.(In Stock) YEAR ROUND

Citrus Spruce - Evergreen and sandalwood mesh wonderfully with a combination of grapefruit and oranges. It reminds you of holiday season citrus and the wreath on your door!
(In Stock

Citrus Sage - Evergreen and Herbal essences blended into a crisp invigorating scent (In Stock) YEAR ROUND

Clean Linen
- Clean and invigorating. The crisp scent of line-dried sheets on a freshly made bed. Some of our customers say it reminds them of a popular laundry detergent. We use it in our kitchen. Though not an odor eliminator per se', we think it falls into that category and that's how we use it here at home. (In Stock) YEAR ROUND

- A fragrance that was important in the earliest spice trade. The aroma is very recognizable as holiday seasonal fare, but does not overwhelm you. (In Stock) YEAR ROUND

Coconut-Lime - Lime and coconut, blended together. Sweet, coconut notes with a tart lime finish. It may remind you of a pina colada.

Coffee - Yep, you asked for it, we are making it! Black coffee (and some think with a slight hint of spiking with an adult beverage) (In Stock) YEAR ROUND

Cranberry Citrus - Sweet/tart cranberries and crisp almost floral citrus notes. Year round best-seller (In Stock) YEAR ROUND

Cucumber Melon
- The scent of fresh crisp cucumbers combined with a memorable sweet cantaloupe. (In Stock) YEAR ROUND UNTIL SUPPLY DEPLETED

Daffodil - A refreshing green spring floral scent. You can smell the bright yellow flowers in full bloom (In Stock

English Lavender
- A potent refreshing sweet lavender...a classic and timeless fragrance. (
In Stock

Frankincense and Myrrh - It's that other traditional holiday scent... A rich base of frankincense and myrrh, with sandalwood cinnamon and other spice notes. (In Stock) YEAR ROUND

French Pear
- Imagine a hot mulled pear and apple cider and you will have a good idea of this scent (In Stock) YEAR ROUND

French Vanilla
- One of our most popular scents. A rich blend of french vanilla/vanilla ice cream with perhaps a hint of hot fudge sauce. It has a very buttery vanilla nose to us. (In Stock) YEAR ROUND

Fresh Rain - A fresh, earthy rain scent, with maybe a hint of lavender. Scent notes of citrus, melon, and green leaves. (In Stock) YEAR ROUND

Ginger-Lime/Lemongrass - Classic Thai scent elements in a candle. The spicy elements of ginger and the citrus of lime, along with the piquant complimentary lemongrass. (In Stock) YEAR ROUND

Hot Chocolate - Just imagine a steaming cup with that warm chocolate aroma wafting up at you.  (In Stock) YEAR ROUND

Honeysuckle - Smells just like the bright white and yellow flowers blooming on the vines in your yard. (In Stock) YEAR ROUND

Hyacinth - Most customers feel it is one of the closest hyacinth scents they have ever smelled. (In Stock

Jasmine -  A classic floral blossom aroma. (In Stock) YEAR ROUND

Lilac - A true lilac scent that takes you back to summers where the scent from the blossoming bushes would spread gently on the still air of a summer evening. (In Stock!) YEAR ROUND

Lavender Sage and Rosemary - (In Stock!) YEAR ROUND One of our best selling fragrances. More lavender, but balanced with less sage then rosemary. Reminds many of a very popular men's fragrance.

Mandarin Orange 
 (Odor eliminator!) A fruit first blast of citrus blended with a bit of herbal rosemary. Cat Box and Dog smells tested (In Stock) YEAR ROUND

Olive Tree - (Odor eliminator!) Natural essential oils combined to neutralize odors without potentially harmful, synthetic chemicals. A combination of lemon, geranium, thyme, and rosemary - all over a clean wood aroma. Cat box and Dog smells tested.
In Stock

Patchouli - A rich warm earthy, musky classic scent. Smells just as you remember it. A 100% essential oil-derived scent! (In Stock) YEAR ROUND

Pine Mint
-  (NEW) Lots of evergreen combines with bright spearmint mid and top notes. Some folks say this is more like a eucalyptus plus mint, but pine mint works for us better (In Stock) YEAR ROUND

Pumpkin Souffle - A fall classic. A welcoming baked pumpkin, spiced with nutmeg and cinnamon, with overtones of brown sugar and grated hazelnut. (In Stock) YEAR ROUND

Peony - Smells just like a peony in bloom with hints with jasmine and other broadleaf blooms. Several customers say that all it's missing are the ants. (In Stock) YEAR ROUND

Rosemary and Thyme
- (Odor eliminator) Typical household pet bath and kitchen odors are washed away by the clean combination of mixed citrus, floral extracts, a blend of essential oils with a rich amber finish. A natural way to eliminate and neutralize odors without harsh synthetic chemicals. Cat Box and Dog smells tested (In Stock) YEAR ROUND

Sandalwood - A classic scent. New for 2017. Our customers asked for it, so we made it (In Stock) YEAR ROUND

Seaside Mist
- A clean invigorating floral combination. Peony, water lily and lavender, with woody undertones. (In Stock!) YEAR ROUND

Warm Apple Pie - Another fall classic. Can you say slow simmered spiced apples, cinnamon & nutmeg, all cased in a crispy, flakey oven-baked hand-made pie crust? (In Stock!) YEAR ROUND

Ordering, Payments and Shipping:

If you'd like to order candles from us, please send us an email expressing your product preferences. We will be sure to follow up with you as soon as we receive your order. We will advise you on the total for your order and we can send you a PayPal invoice for your purchase and shipping.

If you would like to visit with us an one of our events, you can pre-order your selections and pick them up at the event - we can bill you via PayPal ahead of time or you can pay at the time of pick-up with cash or credit/debit card.

For candles to be shipped to you, our current methods of accepting payment are money orders via snail mail or through PayPal via e-mail. Because of the amount of credit card fraud out there, we do not take credit card orders over the phone.

Shipping and Handling:

1) We will ship your order in the United States ONLY. No international orders are currently accepted. We apologize in advance, but that's how it is at the moment.

2) We currently ship via US Postal Service and FEDEX. Shipping is charged at cost....

3) Boxes, tape, labels and packing materials are not free. We could  build this cost into our product pricing, but we would rather you know that we do charge a small handling fee for these items. We keep it as low as we can. See #4 below.......

4) Whenever possible, we will try to use recycled materials to pack and ship your orders to you. It really depends on what you order and what we have at hand when you order. This will decrease your handling costs.

5) We will try to ship your order as soon as your payment arrives and/or clears. If we can't fill your order because we are out of stock or (hopefully) because we are so busy that we can't keep up, we will communicate with you and try to meet your needs as best possible.

6) We appear to be keeping up!!

7) If you are in the area, PICK-UP IS YOUR BEST VALUE if you are ordering less than 1/2 case (6) of the 8 Oz. candles.

8) I can deliver half case (6) or larger orders (8 Oz. candles) with prior arrangement (Limited Delivery Area - FREE With Minimum Order).  If you are interested in delivery, please let us know at the time of your order and we will let you know if we can deliver to you.

Current free delivery area (with minimum order), is in New Castle County, Delaware: North of the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, and South of the Pennsylvania State Line.

If you're further away than this and need delivery, I can deliver with a basic delivery charge based on where you are relative to my location.

























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